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Hailey 1 By Flora Harrison

Look into the Surreal & Ethereal

Treat Yourself to a Mystical Journey and come Explore our Comfortable yet Stylish Leather Bags, Shoes And Accessories

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"Uniqueness, shape, quality, colour combination and style"

What our clients have to say:

"Hello Flora, I have a strong interest in your Coventry ankle boots and would like to let you know exactly how much I have appreciated them in my life of fashion. I saw them on a beautiful young lady and I had to ask where she got them from! I instantly couldn't resist the temptation of asking as I knew I should have them in my life! The main aspects of the boot that had interested me most was the sense of uniqueness, shape, quality, colour combination and style. One thing that really made me happy with the boots was that I could wear them almost every day as they suited most of my clothing and accessories. I must thank you very much for your time in reading this as I just loved them so much! I have big hopes that you will carry on making shoes as great as these, thank you"

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Purchase unique fashion from Flora Harrison, London in our online store today. For any enquiries please contact us on 07950 580095

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